Monday, 29 September 2014

Fresh Start.

New home, new hair…… new blog! 

Being truthful I have began blogs in the past and never kept them up, I seem to be obsessed with Pinterest, and can spend hours pinning ideas, photos, art and general things I like. 

Its time to start talking about these images I find. 

A little about me…My name is Amy, I graduated in July gaining a degree in Surface design for fashion and interiors, currently looking for jobs in the creative sector. I have to admit I'm already missing university and want this blog to be my quick creative escape from the 'real world'.  

My childhood sweetheart and I, have just recently got the keys to our first house! I have come across so many ideas and would like to use my new blog to store and share my ideas and findings, from high street, to ebay to markets! (maybe I should peek into the world of cooking too)

I hope to find some fantastic blogs I can follow and pass on, and if I gain any followers, bonus! 

You can find me on Pinterest at

Lets get blogging!